About Us

Company Profile

Logistics Master brings to the table experience in the freight management service sector. This experience along with the most advanced sea and air facilities contributes to the growth and development of our company, besides the quality, reliability and efficient services provided to our clients by our committed and experienced staffs and crew members. In fact, our clients are some of our best supporters. It is a team approach that makes the logistics services at Logistics Master so effective.

We have more than 15 years experience of handling freights to and from Pakistan, the directors have provided services to Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan customs dry port.

We are 3 PL company and are able to handle all type of shipments including DDU/DDP. We are also able to handle DGR/Hazard Goods under IATA rules.

Our Strategy

Our vision

At Logistics Master we care about your freight and promise our customers to deliver their logistic requirements, timely and efficiently.

Our Mission

To be trendsetters in the market through service & process innovations; focused on offering sustainable growth to our shareholders, value to our customers, opportunities to our business partners and career to our employees.

Our Promise

  • Providing high quality transportation services to all of our clients
  • Invest in our employees to provide better service and company growth
  • Worry about environment according to latest industry standards
  • Safety as top priority in assuring safe work procedures
  • Investing in technology to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective service
  • Living up to highest industry standards

Our Values

Safety & Quality

Never compromise on safety and quality standards of the industry and ensure professional services.

Environment friendly

Minimize the impact of transportation and storage to nature to help humans co-exist with the world.

Latest technologies

Up to date technology and applications to help keep track of items, packages, accounting and quality.

Always improving

Keep enhancing our systems, team, capacity and network, to serve you better and faster.

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